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Specific to industrial style


Kitchen with Haga fronts

Modular kitchens

Modular kitchen with LONDON fronts is a space where classic meets modern. Those gently milled fronts are perfect for various styles of interior design: classical, rustical, loft-like or contemporary. We offer four colors for this type of kitchen: standard white and grey or sophisticated dark blue and dark green. All will look marvelous in your kitchen.

Modular wardrobes

We offer a modular system for wardrobes with siding doors. There are four widths available and two heights. The rest is up to you. Fronts for siding doors and arrangament of the interior – these client designs himself. There are numerous colors for the fronts and a great number of ways to adapt the interior. These options make our modular wardrobes perfect for any purpose. They may serve in a hall, bedroom or even a garage!


Tables in a loft-like style have become one the most demanded piece of furtniture recently. A combination of modern black frame with light oak will meet your needs if you look for less common ways of fournishing your interiors. This tables also fit perfectly in relaxing zones!

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